Trouble in Outerlands

There’s a block on outer Judah that is quietly staking its claim at the center of SF’s slow-down-and-appreciate-the-place-you’re-in culture. The denizens of Valencia Street can’t find it in the Mission. The FiDi and most of SoMa are engaged in systematic erradication of it. It’s a pace that the zone from the Marina to Pac Heights could never know. You might find traces of it in Hayes Valley, Bernal and Glen Park. But what’s happening on the 4000 block of Judah is quintisentially slow SF. This is not to say the service at any of the noteworthy establishments would make one impatient. It’s just that no one, no thing, is rushed. And that’s because there’s much to enjoy here when you play it legato.

Trouble Coffee offers well made espresso drinks and plenty of visual stimuli inside and out.

Outerlands restaurant is a popular corner dining spot with too few tables to meet the demand for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ingredients are sourced locally, and there are plenty of options for the gluten-free diner, and a paleo monk can even find a full meal here.

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4001 Judah Street
San Francisco