Lunch at Salumeria

Walking up 20th Street in Mission-Potrero it’s hard to not get pulled in by the inviting entrance to Salumeria.  Inside you find an abundance of culinary delights - fancy cheeses, artisanal breads, wines from here and away, preserves, and of course, salami.  The menu is thoughtfully simple with just enough choice and intrigue.  I went for the African Peanut soup ($6) and the Chicory Pistachio Bayuls vinaigrette salad ($10).  For here.  Passing through Salumeria’s back portal into Central Kitchen’s dining area, which is seat-yourself at lunchtime, you find a room pleasantly bathed in natural light, and open to the sidewalk, offering the option to sit outside.  The soup was delectably refined and hearty enough to not leave me wanting for more.  The salad was super fresh and honest about its rustic character.   This late lunch satisfied - just enough quality tasty food, plenty of visual stimulation, and friendly counter staff.  I’ll definitely be back for another lunch at Salumeria.

Paleo: possible
Gluten-free: possible
Sustainable menu: good

3000 20th St
(between Alabama St & Florida St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 471-2998

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