I said I’d believe it when I saw it — and now I finally have! La Rondalla was open for business today, for the first time in SEVEN years, including at least a year of promises that they would reopen “soon.” It looks very different than it did in the old days, when it was a favorite neighborhood hangout for my friends and me, but there’s something that warms my heart about a little bit of the “old” Mission coming back to the “new” Valencia.

More like three years under the promise of reopening soon! Eradicating the roaches took longer than expected, apparently. Can’t wait to try a late night machaca.

Pudding at Cavalier

Pudding at Cavalier

Trouble in Outerlands

There’s a block on outer Judah that is quietly staking its claim at the center of SF’s slow-down-and-appreciate-the-place-you’re-in culture. The denizens of Valencia Street can’t find it in the Mission. The FiDi and most of SoMa are engaged in systematic erradication of it. It’s a pace that the zone from the Marina to Pac Heights could never know. You might find traces of it in Hayes Valley, Bernal and Glen Park. But what’s happening on the 4000 block of Judah is quintisentially slow SF. This is not to say the service at any of the noteworthy establishments would make one impatient. It’s just that no one, no thing, is rushed. And that’s because there’s much to enjoy here when you play it legato.

Trouble Coffee offers well made espresso drinks and plenty of visual stimuli inside and out.

Outerlands restaurant is a popular corner dining spot with too few tables to meet the demand for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ingredients are sourced locally, and there are plenty of options for the gluten-free diner, and a paleo monk can even find a full meal here.

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4001 Judah Street
San Francisco


This eclectic gem on Irving Street in the Inner Sunset serves up Ritual Roasters coffee in a steampunk motif, with locally crafted kitchen and household paraphernalia for sale.  An assortment of pastries always features at least one gluten-free option. 

1435 Irving Street
San Francisco

Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke

Serving soup and sandwiches at their booth in the Saturday farmer’s market at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza, Cap’n Mike’s attracts fans even in the rain.  Four varieties of sandwich each feature a twist on the lox-on-cream-cheese-spread theme.  Traditional capers with thinly sliced red onion is a crowd pleaser.  One version substitutes shredded crab meat for the lox and is topped with roasted red peppers.  Or try the roasted yellow peppers with chopped walnuts.  Round out the meal with soup (tomato and herbs) and a beat salad with walnuts and bleu.  

Paleo: no
Gluten-free: very limited
Sustainable menu: very good

Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market 

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Il Cane Rosso
The Savory mushroom frittata is steep at $11, but the tomato sauce and fluffy eggs qualify for a luxury tax.
Paleo: possible Gluten-free: possible Sustainable menu: good
Il Cane RossoOne Ferry Building #41San Francisco, CAhttp://canerossosf.com

Il Cane Rosso

The Savory mushroom frittata is steep at $11, but the tomato sauce and fluffy eggs qualify for a luxury tax.

Paleo: possible 
Sustainable menu:

Il Cane Rosso
One Ferry Building #41
San Francisco, CA

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Delicious prix fixe menu Thursday November 29, 2012

Paleo: no
Gluten-free: no
Sustainable menu: good (proudly serves produce from Capay Valley)

817 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 

Lunch at Salumeria

Walking up 20th Street in Mission-Potrero it’s hard to not get pulled in by the inviting entrance to Salumeria.  Inside you find an abundance of culinary delights - fancy cheeses, artisanal breads, wines from here and away, preserves, and of course, salami.  The menu is thoughtfully simple with just enough choice and intrigue.  I went for the African Peanut soup ($6) and the Chicory Pistachio Bayuls vinaigrette salad ($10).  For here.  Passing through Salumeria’s back portal into Central Kitchen’s dining area, which is seat-yourself at lunchtime, you find a room pleasantly bathed in natural light, and open to the sidewalk, offering the option to sit outside.  The soup was delectably refined and hearty enough to not leave me wanting for more.  The salad was super fresh and honest about its rustic character.   This late lunch satisfied - just enough quality tasty food, plenty of visual stimulation, and friendly counter staff.  I’ll definitely be back for another lunch at Salumeria.

Paleo: possible
Gluten-free: possible
Sustainable menu: good

3000 20th St
(between Alabama St & Florida St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 471-2998

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